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The triangle of life "air-water-earth"

European Partnership

for harmonization of Romanian environment

legislation with the EU legislation

    * Ecology without frontiers - source of efficient solutions for anti-pollution campaign. The experience of Cyprus - full of lessons

   * Motto of the project "Bio - Environment & New Millennium" în the framework of Leonardo da Vinci program: "The future for the European environment looks brighter …".

   * Through MONDO Consulting & Training - Romania, company selected as partner în the European Partnership of Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic and Spain, and Entrepreneurship Union of Producers and Users for Industrial Equipment for Environmental Protection - UNIMED, more and more organizations and governmental institutions, local administrations, universities, Romanian companies and NGOs, preoccupied about environmental problems, will have access and be informed about the strategies, policies and legislation of EU în the field.

Since almost two years, companies and organizations from eight European countries: Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic and Spain, have started together, în the framework of "Leonardo da Vinci" Program, the project "Bio-Environment & New Millennium". A powerful European partnership has been created for carrying on this project.

One goal was the enriching of the knowledge regarding the environment and its protection, through the transfer of the experience accumulated during the previous EU programs: PHARE, COMETT, PETRA, LEONARDO DA VINCI and SOCRATES to the future EU member states: Cyprus, Romania and Slovak Republic.

The project, which is aimed, especially, at: local authority personnel interested în environmental protection, organizational managers making decisions on enterprise financing and development plans regarding the environment, and local and governmental authorities directly involved în decision making and policy planning în the spheres of energy and the environment, led to (through the cooperation of the member organizations) the creation of a training package, consisting of four manuals and a CD-ROM, all translated în the languages of participating countries. Periodically, the materials will be updated and will be disseminated to the organizations, companies and all those interested în environmental problems.

One month before the end of the project, the result of the Partnership work was analyzed în Bucharest during an international meeting and seminar. The seminar, with the title: "Environment and Industry" was attended by the foreign representatives of the partnership, by representatives of Romanian Entrepreneurship Unions and companies as: Republica, Policolor, Frigotehnica, Govora, Regia de Apă Buzău, IPROCHIM, ICPE Bistriţa, Entrepreneurship Union of Beer Producers, REBU.

Among the interventions of the participants during the seminar, we held some which underlined the importance of the ecology without frontiers în discovering the most suitable solutions for increasing the efficiency of anti-pollution campaign.

Mrs. Iolanda MIHALACHE and Mr. Constantin UDREA, from Mondo Consulting & Training Romania:

"As partner în the project, our company has its own contribution to realization of the training package, by adapting and translating all the materials în Romanian. We have already started to disseminate them to interested companies and organizations.

From first feed-back, we realized that all four manuals are extremely useful, this thing being very encouraging for us, because the legislation în the field of environment for Romania în order to join EU, should be taken into account very seriously by all organizations involved.

We shall continue to have în view, keeping a permanent connection with our partners and with EU organizations, that all data included în training package to be permanently updated, în order that the newest European information în the field of environment to be present also în Romania and the participants în the training courses organized by us to receive all new knowledge. The participants în the seminars will be able, în their turn, to promote their organizations în Europe through the web-site of the project.".

Mrs. Elena LASLU, from UNIMED:

"The project "Bio-Environment & New Millennium" has been very well welcomed by the business community în Romania and has convinced UNIMED to respond promptly to the international challenge by initiating concrete measures for being în line with environmental European legislation.

We hope to continue to cooperate with the group of companies participating în the project, so that the initiatives of Romanian organizations for solving the problems în this sector so sensible of environment to receive financial support too. More than that, to be able to launch such an initiative, so the investments în environment and any other new investment to be encouraged to use only "clean" technologies.

As the other Romanian companies participating în this seminar, we - UNIMED, are interested to be involved în this European Partnership, and either find partners through the members of the group, or with their help to find other suitable partners în their countries.

We expect very much from this cooperation both for the benefit of the ecological environment from Romania, and for European one, too.".


" I shall present you what is happening în the European Union în the field of environment. Our company is running a big project în Cyprus regarding the management of waste. And this în conditions în which the economic situation în Cyprus is difficult and very few things are done în the field of environment protection. Therefore, here there are a lot of problems în this field, although two years before being included în the European Union, they have adopted their own environmental law, în accordance with European legislation, which gives all facilities for this kind of protection.

For developing this project, we cooperate with a very big company from Germany, with Greek Bank în Cyprus, and with Japanese Bank, having a budget of 25 million Cyprus pounds - which covers the cost of necessary high technologies.

With this project, the situation of environment în Cyprus has changed radically, and now we intend to build a factory for waste recycling; it is very interesting that this investment is also very profitable. For you în Romania, I think that it will be very well to cooperate with the Governmental body în charge with environment, and which presented în Brussels the future of Romania. It would be normal to receive from here all data about the EU programs în the field of environment, în order to help Romania to join EU.

There are a lot of money for this sector! And to use this money is the problem of your Government, and not of EU. The Government has a lot of information, but probably they are not disseminated to interested companies.

For example în 1999 a very big program for Romania was launched: a study about energy, which aimed to change the old system to produce energy with not polluting new technologies and equipment. Well, more than 80 % from this sum has never been used! Only a few companies from oil sector received some money …

There are money coming from EU. They are provided for environment, but if no project is submitted în time, this money goes to other countries which have and propose projects.

Surely, environment protection is not something where to loose money. A good management of environment protection can bring back a lot of money!"

These where only some of the interventions, and the last - which made a synthesis of the experience of Cyprus, can be full of wise pieces of advice.

As Romania is not în the situation to be content only with gestures of good intentions în the field of environment protection, the project "Bio-Environment & New Millennium" attracts us again the attention that we must begin to roll up our sleeves and go to action.

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Articol apărut în ziarul Economistul pe 8 mai 2001
Pentru claritate, citiţi şi versiunea în limba engleză de mai jos
Article published by Economistul on 8 May 2001